On the way of bug hunting

Microsoft Windows 10

CVE-2019-0841    Local Privilege Escalation

CVE-2019-0727    Local Privilege Escalation

Google Chrome

CVE-2018-18354    Remote Code Execution

CVE-2018-18353    Inappropriate implementation in Network Authentication.

CVE-2018-6040    Content Security Policy Bypass

CVE-2018-6096    URL Spoofing

CVE-2018-6082    Port Blocking Bypass

CVE-2017-5118    Content Security Policy Bypass

CVE-2017-15386  URL Spoofing

CVE-2017-15420  Limited Same Origin Policy Bypass

CVE-2017-15426  URL spoofing

CVE-2018-6049    Permission UI Spoofing

Apple Safari

CVE-2018-4440    URL Spoof

Mozilla Firefox

CVE-2018-12399    URL Spoof

Internet Explorer 11

CVE-2019-0921    URL Spoof

Microsoft Edge

duplicate of CVE-2018-8495 by @qab     Remote Code Execution


CVE-2018-17452    Server Side Request Forgery

CVE-2018-20497    SSRF lead to Remote Code Execution


CVE-2018-17031    XSS lead to Remote Code Execution

CVE-2018-15192    Server Side Request Forgery

CVE-2018-15193    Cross Site Request Forgery


CVE-2018-15192    Server Side Request Forgery


CVE-2018-11243  Double Free